Jamaine Ross, Comedian (Amongst other things)

This is what I look like

Hey there.

I'm Jamaine and I'm a comedian...

...and I'm Maori and I have a big beard and I'm from Christchurch and this is my website and that's pretty much everything you need to know about me.

Since winning the Raw Comedy Quest in 2012 (not bragging, no big deal, whatever), my comedy career has really taken off. I opened for Tenacious D on their New Zealand tour in May last year, I've been on TV3's '7 Days' a couple of times, and this year I'm nominated for the Billy T Award in the NZ International Comedy Festival.

So I must be legit.

My comedy draws on my personal experiences, and keen observations on everyday life. Some of which are explored further than necessary but to hilarious effect. But no matter what I talk about, it's the funnest shit ever.

Email: me@jamaineross.com